Monday, 8 April 2013

Dora the explorer

Three months into my london life, and I my heads crammed with fun interesting nonsense to share with anyone who wants to listen. Working at Amanda Wakeley has been such a mind opening and exciting experience, and made me thrive to carry on working and not go back to the dreaded library. But of course it has to be done.
Having Camden and Portobello market right on my doorstep are two of the biggest highlights of living in London, I have bought so many beautiful things, too many, and really just enjoy admiring everything, its not always about having it.
Yesterday I visited Hyde park for the first time, spent the day cycling around and taking photographs of anything I found interesting...which happens to be, most things. I have shared a couple of my favourites...the swan really was just a pretty swan.
Mostly my weekends have consisted of gin and tonic, making new friends, and creating some of the best memories, the whole experience has been such a once in a life time.
Returning home next week, too the dull Aberdeen where it will probably still be snowing on April 17th. But all good things some to an end, and hopfully this means I have more time to type.
I have recently started using tumblr so will be linking my page up to my blog for anyone interested!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Big Smoke.

Wow, its been a while. I have been super busy recently and have so much to share, but no time to type! Life living in London is fantastic, and working for the talented Amanda Wakeley is even more FANTASTIC. I have recently started a marketing and e-commerce internship with the designer. My day involves processing the online orders (ie finding the order amongst A BILLION garments, which can be challenging), updating the websites stock levels and keeping the appearance lookin' fresh. Along with this I assist with merchandising  and have attended photo shoots, which are my favourite! I am learning so much and having a blast at the same time, what more could I want? I will be here until April and then we will see where the wind takes me. I have many photos of various things I would love to share but at the moment its TOP SECRET as the collection has not been launched yet (sometimes I feel I am working for the FBI not a fashion designer, its very exciting). 
Today was a tough day, 10 thousand pounds worth was sold on the website, and that means 10 thousand pounds worth of beautiful dresses I have to process! So I am very tired now but I will be updating this with my adventures a few times a week! I was also considering changing the name of my blog, as I feel now it isn't really only about fashion but more about my life in general (in fact that sounds pretty boring?) Any suggestions?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Finally got round to wearing my skirt I blogged about a while back that I hd made in Vietnam! I could never work out what to wear it with and when you wear it so I just havent yet! But I just went for black and could not really go wrong! Was off to a new club night called Tribe, got my face painted too which was so fun!

 Crop top - TOPSHOP | Skirt - Vietnam | Clutch bag - Rockit
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Being Creative!

Yesterday I made my very first home made tie dye top! Im pretty tie dye obsessed at the moment so this was a very exciting concept for me. I bought a plain white crop tshirt from ASOS for £7, the dyes were about £3 each and then all you need is elastic bands and water!
Using a fork I twirled up the tshirt like this and covered it in elastic bands to hold it in place..Then poured the dye on various areas, just randomly, I had pink in the middle, then blue, and yellow on the outside! (the small buddle is mine and the bigger is my friends)

The outcome...

I wore my top out last night, with a leather skirt (asos £22), and my studded Jeferey Campbell heels! Loved the outfit! TRYYYYYYYYYYY IT.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Freshers week this week, which involves a lot of getting dressed up and going out, which usually leads to a struggle of finding stuff to wear for it all! Heres a couple of things I wore on Monday and Tuesday. Also, yesterday I got confirmation for my internship at Amanda Wakeley in London, could not be more excited! Ill be working in the head office as from January  for three months, such an amazing opportunity! 

Green Body - American Apperal £28
Leather Skirt - ASOS £22
Printed Shirt - UrbanOutfitters £25
Levis Shorts - UrbanOutfitters £32
Glitter Heels - MissGuided £18
Gold Chain - H&M £4
Black Clutch - Vintage


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back to school...

After an incredible summer, the time has come to go back to! But not before buying lots of pretty things to wear to classes. Still waiting to buy my new camera so still struggling to get good photos of my outfits but when I move back into my flat on Sunday that will all change! Ive been looking for a blouse for ages now, and I eventually found one I liked! 

Shoes - Topshop £10
Jacket - New Look £22
Shorts - Topshop £35
Blouse - H&M £8

Blouse - Topshop £34
Mint Kint - Primark £14
Shorts - UrbanOutfitters £32
Necklace - H&M £4

Loafers - Topshop £32


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pay Day

Hello! So what better way to spend pay day than lying in bed online shopping, very lazy! But much deserved after I have been working everyday for the past two weeks, exhausted! I bought a couple of things which I had already and wanted, my 21st is coming up so I want lots to choose from! When they arrive their will be a more interesting outfit post!
This I love because I absoltuly hate the backs of 
my legs (very weird), but it covers them up and still looks good from the front! £18 ASOS

 I got these from ebay, lovely Jeffery Campbell copys! I did blog about getting these a few weeks ago, but found these ones which I like just as much for half the price!

Galaxy leggings! So popular at the moment but
 I had to follow the crowd with this, they are amazing. £9.99 MissGuided         
So busy with work havent really had much time to post but that will hopefully change! Hoping for a new camera for my birthday as well which will mean good quality photographs at last!