Thursday, 17 November 2011


So, Versaces collection for H&M was launched today! I have been reading about it, and apparently stores all over the world were out of stock for the collection within 30 minutes! The line was so popular that people were queing up over night to get into the store first! Its not surprising though as the clothes are GORGEOUS and at a really reasonable price too! Dontella herself made an appearance at the Regent Street store in London, wearing a £199 pink studded dress and denim jacket from the collection...

Customers were given a maximum shopping time and were thrown out of stores when it was up! Online shoppers also had troubles when the website crashed shortly after the launch due to so many people trying to access it! It was said in the Gaurdian that tickets sold faster than Glastonbury! MADNESS. Im sure it was all worth it though in the end, heres some of the amazing peices...

LOVE the leather jacket! Infact, it all.
Thats just a like to the collection on the website, but you've more than likely already looked at it!
Unfortunatly none of Aberdeens TINY H&MS stocked the collection :(
Comment and let me know if you got your hands on anything!


  1. LOVE this! All of the clothes are truly amazing!

  2. That purple dress & black

    xo erica

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