Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Holidays are coming...

So, Im not usually a very christmassy person, I ataually hate it, but i have my reasons! But the other day I went to visit the Coca cola truck (See picture on right) when it was in Aberdeen, although it was slightly disapointing, I ataully got me in the mood for Christmas! Theres tons of stuff I want right now, so I have a massive list of stuff I hope to get...

Black (Black) Aztec Jumper | 238840401 | New Look
    AZTEC print jumper, NEW LOOK. The one I atually tried on was the opposite way around, white background with black pattern, but it doesnt make that much difference :)

Love getting new perfume at Christmas time, different smells always remind me of different years! In love with DAISY at the moment, even though its been out for ages! Im hating the newer ones, Lola/Oh Lola.

ABE Ultimate Chelsea Boots

Been looking for a nice pair of Chelsea boots for ages now. These ones are quite nice, but there TOPSHOP, and I prefer to look elsewear for similar ones as TOPSHOP is so common etc!

Sparkle & Fade Winter Tribal Leggings
Loving AZTEC print leggings, Urban Outfitters have nooo many online, going to Glasgow soon to do some Xmas shopping so deffinatly going to raid it!

Ive also been in a huge hunt for an oversized stonewash denim jacket, and a denim shirt! Ive look everywhere for a denim shirt I like but they all just seem to look cheap :( Ill keep looking tho!

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