Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Finally got round to wearing my skirt I blogged about a while back that I hd made in Vietnam! I could never work out what to wear it with and when you wear it so I just havent yet! But I just went for black and could not really go wrong! Was off to a new club night called Tribe, got my face painted too which was so fun!

 Crop top - TOPSHOP | Skirt - Vietnam | Clutch bag - Rockit
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Being Creative!

Yesterday I made my very first home made tie dye top! Im pretty tie dye obsessed at the moment so this was a very exciting concept for me. I bought a plain white crop tshirt from ASOS for £7, the dyes were about £3 each and then all you need is elastic bands and water!
Using a fork I twirled up the tshirt like this and covered it in elastic bands to hold it in place..Then poured the dye on various areas, just randomly, I had pink in the middle, then blue, and yellow on the outside! (the small buddle is mine and the bigger is my friends)

The outcome...

I wore my top out last night, with a leather skirt (asos £22), and my studded Jeferey Campbell heels! Loved the outfit! TRYYYYYYYYYYY IT.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Freshers week this week, which involves a lot of getting dressed up and going out, which usually leads to a struggle of finding stuff to wear for it all! Heres a couple of things I wore on Monday and Tuesday. Also, yesterday I got confirmation for my internship at Amanda Wakeley in London, could not be more excited! Ill be working in the head office as from January  for three months, such an amazing opportunity! 

Green Body - American Apperal £28
Leather Skirt - ASOS £22
Printed Shirt - UrbanOutfitters £25
Levis Shorts - UrbanOutfitters £32
Glitter Heels - MissGuided £18
Gold Chain - H&M £4
Black Clutch - Vintage


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back to school...

After an incredible summer, the time has come to go back to reality...university! But not before buying lots of pretty things to wear to classes. Still waiting to buy my new camera so still struggling to get good photos of my outfits but when I move back into my flat on Sunday that will all change! Ive been looking for a blouse for ages now, and I eventually found one I liked! 

Shoes - Topshop £10
Jacket - New Look £22
Shorts - Topshop £35
Blouse - H&M £8

Blouse - Topshop £34
Mint Kint - Primark £14
Shorts - UrbanOutfitters £32
Necklace - H&M £4

Loafers - Topshop £32


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pay Day

Hello! So what better way to spend pay day than lying in bed online shopping, very lazy! But much deserved after I have been working everyday for the past two weeks, exhausted! I bought a couple of things which I had already and wanted, my 21st is coming up so I want lots to choose from! When they arrive their will be a more interesting outfit post!
This I love because I absoltuly hate the backs of 
my legs (very weird), but it covers them up and still looks good from the front! £18 ASOS

 I got these from ebay, lovely Jeffery Campbell copys! I did blog about getting these a few weeks ago, but found these ones which I like just as much for half the price!

Galaxy leggings! So popular at the moment but
 I had to follow the crowd with this, they are amazing. £9.99 MissGuided         
So busy with work havent really had much time to post but that will hopefully change! Hoping for a new camera for my birthday as well which will mean good quality photographs at last!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Tie Dye

I got this amazing new tie dye tshirt the other day from the vintage section of Urban Outfitters, I have looked for one I like for ages but could never find one with a nice fit, but I fell in love with this one!

Enjoy your weekend!



Thursday, 9 August 2012


My parcel arrived! Finally! I was a bit disappointed that it took over a week too come as when I shop on line it usually arrives within a few days but oh well! I had a sudden urge to buy loads of new jewellery, especially silver! So i went a bit overboard...

You can see a photo of some of the earrings in my ear here :)
Deffinately have a look at the Kukee website that I posted about before, its so cheap and has some really cool things!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Checkpoint Charlie

Today I started my new job in the Edinburgh festival. Im working at a cool new place on Bristo Place, its a live music venue in an old church, full of hippies mostly but I loved it! Such a great atmosphere! The idea is that we dont wear any uniform so that everyone looks individual! I didnt really have any idea what to wear because I didnt want to look to scruffy so I went for a shirt under a tshirt, with my new yellow cardigan! And of course some very unnecessary sunglasses because it was of course raining in Scotland!

Floral Top - UrbanOutfitters
Yellow Cardigan - Market
Denim Shorts - UrbanOutfitters/Levis
Yellow Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Fringe Bag - Ebay (ZARA mimic)
Necklace - ASOS.COM


Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Quick post today but I wanted to briefly share my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment with you all..my charm bracelet. This gorgeous gold bracelet has six different very unique charms. A couple of them open up and represent fairy tales which remind me of my childhood! It was given to my mother on her 18th birthday and then to me on mine, so it about 40 years old and worth quite a few pennies so I am careful about wearing it! It has a safety chain which has snapped so my next task is to have it repaired in case the catch ever came loose! I love it because it looks to elegant and expensive on my wrist and also because it looks like a proper antique! Certainly not your average topshop bracelet! Anyway here is a couple of photographs for you all too see, and hopefully also love it!

Today I begun my LookBook, after purchasing a lovely yellow cardigan (for only three pounds) So I will be posting soon!


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fabulously British.

Ive found myself at the South Coast this week, mostly basking in the sun and drinking Pimms with my amazing family! However, its a very inspiration place! Yesterday I ventured into London as I am hopefully getting the opportunity to intern their next year which is a very exciting prospect! With the Olympics going on, you can imagine how stressful it was. I walked about, doing a bit of shopping and found I was amazed by the visual merchandising in a lot of the stores. They have really gone all out for the Olympics and it looks fastastic, very patriotic! I didnt have my camera on me at the time unfortunatly but I managed to find a couple online! If you get a chance I would deffinatly recommend having a look on Fulham Road - South Kensington!

Forever 21


On another note I wanted to share this jewelery website I have just found and fell in love with! It sells all sorts of different earings, necklaces and bracelets that you would see on the highstreet for about a fraction on the price! Its called Kukee, TAKE A LOOK!

My next project is to start a LookBook, I have been wanting to do this for a long time but my summer has been so hectic I havent had the chance! I have barely photographed any of my outfits recently which really upsets me as I like to look back at things a wore in the past and take inspiration and ideas from it! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Monday, 23 July 2012

Living the Vietnamese dream...

So I had this lovely skirt made in a tailors in Hoi An Vietnam, called Yaly (We got very excited by the fact Mick Jagger had had many suits made there!) I briefly designed it and explained it to one of the lovely girls that worked  there after picking the beautiful silk. The fabric is so unique I fell in love with it! She said she would have it ready by the following day which was amazingly fast and took all my measurements! I love that it fits me so perfectly and is the only one in the whole world! The boat shoes I had made in a small tailors that only made shoes, they are unfortuantly a bit big but I can get away with them with socks on! There was so many colours I was so hard to choose which ones I wanted! Each thing cost me about sixteen pounds, unbelievably cheap!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Glitzy Blonde.

Firstly I wanted some advice.. while I was away traveling, the constant sun has made my hair very blonde again, and I now want it even lighter (back to how it used to be). I was going to try Sun-In Super Spray from Boots. I think you just spray it on the parts of you hair you wish to lighten and it will work its magic, but Im slightly sceptical as Its pretty cheap and I dont want my hair to end up ruined! Has anyone used it who has any tips?

Im really excited about my new Barry M Silver Foil nailvarish, I wanted a silver one for ages but this was the only one I could find that was proper metalic! Although it does remind me slightly of an astronaught, but Im okay with that! Barry M have so many amazing colours out at the moment, I want them all!

I have recently found myself getting very into using Twitter! Its great to follow companies, find out whats going on! I am struggling to link it up with my Blog however but if you enjoy reading about my fashion and photography obsessed life, follow me - CazzaLW!


Monday, 16 July 2012

Fashion Fix.

All this time away has left me very poor, and in need of so many pretty things! I feel like I havent shopped in decades, DEPRESSING.

The first thing Im going to buy are these galaxy print leggings, there are amazing and look ace with those heels which I have already, perfect! You can buy your own here!


Loving the tye dye / dip dye trend at the moment! Espeically all the pastel colours! I think I need these in my wardrobe to wear with my tye dye tshirt I picked up from a small boutique in South Thailand! Buy yours here :)

Lastly, I need these Jeffrey Campbells in my life, but can I justify £145 for a pair of shoes that I know I will ruin in just a few wears...well I guess my student loan has to be spent on something eh!



Seeing the world...

So although my time in South East Asia was anything but glamorous or fashionable, it was incredible! And deserves to be shared. I spent a month and half travelling all through Thailand, into Laos and then finished in Vietnam. We experienced everything from The Full Moon party, Elephant riding, near death boat trips, helping out in a Thai orphanage, spending three days on a castaway island, tubing in the Vang Vieng, sleeping outside (and with cockroaches), visiting the Beach from the movie (Leanardo was not there unfortunately), bioluminesiant plankton, tropical storms, an out of control pool party, kayaking through Halong bay, exploring dirt tracks on mopeds, beautiful sunsets on a tropical island, treking through a jungle (wearing flip flops), white water rafting and bamboo in the roasting sun and best off all, we met some amazing people and friends for life! I took a ridiculous amount of photographs, as we all know its one of my favourite things to do! Heres a couple of my favourites, for the rest look on my Facebook!
Ive also put loads of photos onto my timeline on the right, the top one is a beautiful beach in Halong bay, then the sunrise at Ankor Watt which I wasnt ataully lucky enough to see myself but my friends were! Following by my all time favourite set of wheels, the Vespa! I spotted this one in Saigon, south Vietnam and fell in love with it, the colour is prefect for me!
I also had an amazing skirt made me for which I designed in a lovely town called Hoi An in Vietnam, and a pair of boat shoes, but I havent really had the chance to wear them since the weather has been awful but I will get some photos up when I do! The tailors are so talented and make you whatever you want in a matter of hours, me and the girls spent far to long and far to much money here!

The orphanage - Chaing Mai

Me and my elephant - Chaing Mai

The Waterfall - Chaing Mai

The Grand Palace - Bangkok

The Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan

Sun Set - Koh Phi Phi

Maya Bay 'The Beach'

Monkey Beach - Koh Phi Phi

Island Adventures - Halong Bay

Beach Life - Halong Bay

Hanoi Backpackers - Vietnam

Our longtail boat  & Hannah (Read her blog here)

                                                        Our beach hut - Koh Phangan

Im back home now and very depressed, looking for Fashion Intern jobs in London for third year! Very excited to return to uni, third year is going to be a blast with placement and the Fashion show to look forward too! On another note, the magazine finally got printing and it looks amazing, so proud of all the girls, all our hard work paid off!