Sunday, 11 December 2011

My life in photographs...

Thought I would quickly explain why I have all the little pictures down the side of my blog! I put them up because I think they look really nice but also beacause they all highlight different things I do / things I like! All the photos are done in different styles using the Instragram app for the Iphone, which I am absolutly in love with! Have to steal my boyfriends phone all the time however because I am stuck with a blackberry. The first two are just posters I have up in my flat, that I was kinda testing it on but they look really cool I thought. Then there is my mood board for uni, showing my theme chosen for a photoshoot ( last post is the finished work! ). A few of the photos are taken when I went down to Aberdeen beach and was just playing around in the sand etc but I love the peace sign in the sand, its one of my facvourite photos ever, mostly because I LOVE the peace sign a lot. The most recent photo at the top is the Coca Cola christmas truck (obviously) that I visited when it drove to Aberdeen a few weeks ago! It was very exciting, totally made me feel like a kid again! Oh yeah and not to mention the one I took when I was messing about with the letters on the fridge, clearly having the time off my life and leaving a cute little message for my friend!
But anyways Im gonna keep posting them so look out for new ones, mostly of random, un-important things, but all of which are significant to me!


My work is DONE, at LAST :). So I have managed to finish my magazine spreads for uni, and I am quite happy with them! Took alot of time, hardwork, and effort but it was all totally worth it! Our course is publishing a fashion magazine made up of photoshoots and articles etc that we have all done ourselves, it has been such a good experience! The magazine is called 'Muse', and focuses on the Diversity in Fashion. Thought I would post a few pictures of my finished stuff before I hand it in tomorow and wait on my more than likely, awful, grade!
The photo quality isnt great but hopefully you can get the idea!

Front Cover and Editors letter pages!

This is the first double spread of our tribal themed photoshoot, staring the sexy, Hannah Sture.

More of the photos with a colour bleed over them!

This was my double spread for my article that I wrote. I wrote an article on the cruelty to animals in order to make fur. It was really interesting and I loved doing it, found out some really shocking stuff!

Product page - This was my second attempt at my product page and im still not happy with it but really dont have the time / will power to do a third one!

Couldnt of done it all without the best partner in the world, Hannah Whiting ( check out her blog! And of course our photographer Rachael, who was amazing!
Fingers crosssssedddd!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


So, INGLOT is a new make up store in Aberdeen, apparently it originated in Scandinavia, and has spread to many countries over the world! I went into the shop for the first time the other day, and I fell in love! It was an amazing store, so shiney and colourful and sleek! It made you totally want to buy EVERYTHING. I went in for foundation, as I needed a new one I thought I may aswell try it out. There was so many different shades, so I asked one of  the ladies (who were all foriegn) for a colour match, instead she said she would give me samples of all the shades close to my skin tone so I could take them home to try them out.  I thought this was a really good way of doing it as I could then see how each would look after I have all my make up on for day to day wear. I am heading back today to buy the one I liked best :) It was also only £14 found for a resonably big bottle which I thought was very good value, as I would usually not mind spending about £22 on a Clinique foundation or something! The store/brand I thought had so many similarities to MAC, except it was a lot cheaper! I deffinatly can see myself going in and buying hundreds of different lipsticks and nail varnishes as I LOVE different coloured lipsticks! I have deffinatly found myself a new make-up OBSESSION! Heres a wee link to the website so you can take a look -