Monday, 16 January 2012

End of Exams!

Major celebrations this week as we had are last ( OUR ONLY ) exam on Wednesday, so obivously went out and celebrated. Then recovered untill saturday and did it all over again! On saturday I wore a very pretty dress of my flatmates from ASOS..

Also LOVE my shoes, I blogged about them last week!
My flatmate Hannah (Have a look at Hannahs Blog) wore a dress of mine (we clearly love to swap clothes), from TOSPHOP, that I also blogged about last week!

Just over a month till we go to London with all the girls from uni, going to be so much fun! Will no dout have spent my life savings on clothes and have a 30 page blog to post after it tho!


  1. Cute Dresses! I love the boots as well:) I am now a follower, stop by my page and say hello:)

    <3 Marielley

  2. love this look! i cant wait until midterm week is over!


  3. yay for finishing exams, these dresses are gorgeous xx