Monday, 8 April 2013

Dora the explorer

Three months into my london life, and I my heads crammed with fun interesting nonsense to share with anyone who wants to listen. Working at Amanda Wakeley has been such a mind opening and exciting experience, and made me thrive to carry on working and not go back to the dreaded library. But of course it has to be done.
Having Camden and Portobello market right on my doorstep are two of the biggest highlights of living in London, I have bought so many beautiful things, too many, and really just enjoy admiring everything, its not always about having it.
Yesterday I visited Hyde park for the first time, spent the day cycling around and taking photographs of anything I found interesting...which happens to be, most things. I have shared a couple of my favourites...the swan really was just a pretty swan.
Mostly my weekends have consisted of gin and tonic, making new friends, and creating some of the best memories, the whole experience has been such a once in a life time.
Returning home next week, too the dull Aberdeen where it will probably still be snowing on April 17th. But all good things some to an end, and hopfully this means I have more time to type.
I have recently started using tumblr so will be linking my page up to my blog for anyone interested!

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