Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Back to the fashion shoot.

Today me and my group have been working on our shoot. Using brightly coloured feathers and beads, we made the jewelery we bought previously a bit more exciting, so it will stand out in the shots!

This necklace (£6 Primark), originally just had black feathers attached, by using feathers we bought at hobby craft and some thin wire, we have added alot more colour and life to the peice and as a result it will stand out when photographed agasint bare skin!

This is just a simple gold braclet from Primark (£2.50), its clearly quite oversized anyway but we have added coloured feathers to the end of it which make it look much more orignal and gives it a tribal feel!
We plan to complete our shoot on or around November 7th so expect to see the best photos from the shoot up shortly after that! EXCITING.

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