Monday, 17 October 2011

The beginning.

Apologies for the lack off / no posts since I started my blog! We have been so busy in preparation for our photoshoot -which is part of our Fashion Communication module at uni- that I have had no extra time to post anything! We have at last come up with a theme and location for the shoot and now we just have to collect the clothes and decide on a model!

The theme we are going to base the shoot on is Tribal/Aztec, as there is so much in the shops right now that fit this! We are hoping to have loads of exciting patterns, colourful feathers, head pieces, and PEACE SIGNS. (my favourite thing in the whole world). Heres some photos of the jewelery we collected in town today to go along with the outfits....

A lot of the jewelery we are going to use it stuff of our own. The rest we have bought from Topshop (the two necklaces in the bottom photo), Miss Selfridge (the peace and feather necklaces in the top photo), and the other bits are from Primark (bargains). Apart from the tiny little blue peace sign bracelet, which is mine, I bought it in Ibiza in the summer, for 4 euros! And I absolutely adore it!

Im going to upload photos from the shoot, and of the location and garments etc as soon as we have done it, hoping to have it completed in the next couple of weeks!
 CLW x

ps. heres a couple of links to the location of our shoot! looks amazing!


  1. fantastic blog. love the photos, and love the look of your blog. enjoyed browsing... following! cheers!