Wednesday, 7 December 2011


So, INGLOT is a new make up store in Aberdeen, apparently it originated in Scandinavia, and has spread to many countries over the world! I went into the shop for the first time the other day, and I fell in love! It was an amazing store, so shiney and colourful and sleek! It made you totally want to buy EVERYTHING. I went in for foundation, as I needed a new one I thought I may aswell try it out. There was so many different shades, so I asked one of  the ladies (who were all foriegn) for a colour match, instead she said she would give me samples of all the shades close to my skin tone so I could take them home to try them out.  I thought this was a really good way of doing it as I could then see how each would look after I have all my make up on for day to day wear. I am heading back today to buy the one I liked best :) It was also only £14 found for a resonably big bottle which I thought was very good value, as I would usually not mind spending about £22 on a Clinique foundation or something! The store/brand I thought had so many similarities to MAC, except it was a lot cheaper! I deffinatly can see myself going in and buying hundreds of different lipsticks and nail varnishes as I LOVE different coloured lipsticks! I have deffinatly found myself a new make-up OBSESSION! Heres a wee link to the website so you can take a look -



  1. Oh my God! This shop is like my dream! xx

  2. wow this looks amazing i want one where i live :) mac is so ecxpensive which is a shame :( nice post xxxx