Sunday, 11 December 2011

My life in photographs...

Thought I would quickly explain why I have all the little pictures down the side of my blog! I put them up because I think they look really nice but also beacause they all highlight different things I do / things I like! All the photos are done in different styles using the Instragram app for the Iphone, which I am absolutly in love with! Have to steal my boyfriends phone all the time however because I am stuck with a blackberry. The first two are just posters I have up in my flat, that I was kinda testing it on but they look really cool I thought. Then there is my mood board for uni, showing my theme chosen for a photoshoot ( last post is the finished work! ). A few of the photos are taken when I went down to Aberdeen beach and was just playing around in the sand etc but I love the peace sign in the sand, its one of my facvourite photos ever, mostly because I LOVE the peace sign a lot. The most recent photo at the top is the Coca Cola christmas truck (obviously) that I visited when it drove to Aberdeen a few weeks ago! It was very exciting, totally made me feel like a kid again! Oh yeah and not to mention the one I took when I was messing about with the letters on the fridge, clearly having the time off my life and leaving a cute little message for my friend!
But anyways Im gonna keep posting them so look out for new ones, mostly of random, un-important things, but all of which are significant to me!

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