Monday, 16 July 2012

Seeing the world...

So although my time in South East Asia was anything but glamorous or fashionable, it was incredible! And deserves to be shared. I spent a month and half travelling all through Thailand, into Laos and then finished in Vietnam. We experienced everything from The Full Moon party, Elephant riding, near death boat trips, helping out in a Thai orphanage, spending three days on a castaway island, tubing in the Vang Vieng, sleeping outside (and with cockroaches), visiting the Beach from the movie (Leanardo was not there unfortunately), bioluminesiant plankton, tropical storms, an out of control pool party, kayaking through Halong bay, exploring dirt tracks on mopeds, beautiful sunsets on a tropical island, treking through a jungle (wearing flip flops), white water rafting and bamboo in the roasting sun and best off all, we met some amazing people and friends for life! I took a ridiculous amount of photographs, as we all know its one of my favourite things to do! Heres a couple of my favourites, for the rest look on my Facebook!
Ive also put loads of photos onto my timeline on the right, the top one is a beautiful beach in Halong bay, then the sunrise at Ankor Watt which I wasnt ataully lucky enough to see myself but my friends were! Following by my all time favourite set of wheels, the Vespa! I spotted this one in Saigon, south Vietnam and fell in love with it, the colour is prefect for me!
I also had an amazing skirt made me for which I designed in a lovely town called Hoi An in Vietnam, and a pair of boat shoes, but I havent really had the chance to wear them since the weather has been awful but I will get some photos up when I do! The tailors are so talented and make you whatever you want in a matter of hours, me and the girls spent far to long and far to much money here!

The orphanage - Chaing Mai

Me and my elephant - Chaing Mai

The Waterfall - Chaing Mai

The Grand Palace - Bangkok

The Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan

Sun Set - Koh Phi Phi

Maya Bay 'The Beach'

Monkey Beach - Koh Phi Phi

Island Adventures - Halong Bay

Beach Life - Halong Bay

Hanoi Backpackers - Vietnam

Our longtail boat  & Hannah (Read her blog here)

                                                        Our beach hut - Koh Phangan

Im back home now and very depressed, looking for Fashion Intern jobs in London for third year! Very excited to return to uni, third year is going to be a blast with placement and the Fashion show to look forward too! On another note, the magazine finally got printing and it looks amazing, so proud of all the girls, all our hard work paid off!



  1. Your trip looks amazing... I went to India to work with street kids and would love to travel more :) fab blog xxx