Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Glitzy Blonde.

Firstly I wanted some advice.. while I was away traveling, the constant sun has made my hair very blonde again, and I now want it even lighter (back to how it used to be). I was going to try Sun-In Super Spray from Boots. I think you just spray it on the parts of you hair you wish to lighten and it will work its magic, but Im slightly sceptical as Its pretty cheap and I dont want my hair to end up ruined! Has anyone used it who has any tips?

Im really excited about my new Barry M Silver Foil nailvarish, I wanted a silver one for ages but this was the only one I could find that was proper metalic! Although it does remind me slightly of an astronaught, but Im okay with that! Barry M have so many amazing colours out at the moment, I want them all!

I have recently found myself getting very into using Twitter! Its great to follow companies, find out whats going on! I am struggling to link it up with my Blog however but if you enjoy reading about my fashion and photography obsessed life, follow me - CazzaLW!



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