Monday, 23 July 2012

Living the Vietnamese dream...

So I had this lovely skirt made in a tailors in Hoi An Vietnam, called Yaly (We got very excited by the fact Mick Jagger had had many suits made there!) I briefly designed it and explained it to one of the lovely girls that worked  there after picking the beautiful silk. The fabric is so unique I fell in love with it! She said she would have it ready by the following day which was amazingly fast and took all my measurements! I love that it fits me so perfectly and is the only one in the whole world! The boat shoes I had made in a small tailors that only made shoes, they are unfortuantly a bit big but I can get away with them with socks on! There was so many colours I was so hard to choose which ones I wanted! Each thing cost me about sixteen pounds, unbelievably cheap!


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  1. Lovely blog! Absolutely love the pictures! Just followed :) x